Ground [noun]

Definition of Ground:

earth, land

Synonyms of Ground:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ground:



Sentence/Example of Ground:

His brother was a miner, and Stearns himself spent a year below ground.

However, the group revised its policy later that year so that an English bird name that causes “sufficient offense” could be changed solely on those grounds.

Those echoes, scientists say, occur as the whale’s call bounces off of rock layers within Earth’s crust — producing seismic images of the layers similar to those obtained by aiming sound waves at the ground with an air gun.

It’s another three hours toward the Texas border to reach New Mexico’s Carlsbad Caverns National Park, where you can tour several of the underground caves on your own, along with miles of above-ground hiking trails across the Chihuahuan Desert.

Whatever rabbit hole I had fallen down, the flavor was familiar enough to be grounding.

Running back Leonard Fournette added one more on the ground.

In the early months of the pandemic, as travel ground to a halt, news outlets and random Twitter users breathlessly pointed out that smog was clearing up, animals were roaming the streets, and even Venice’s canals were looking better than ever.

Temperatures near the ground would remain below freezing Thursday except over Southern Maryland.

We want to use this window to inform us and support our kids, but we also need compassion for ourselves and support from others to stay grounded — so we can be the supportive adult our kids need right now.

Running back Leonard Fournette got six yards on the ground, and then the Bucs rolled to the end zone.