Field [noun]

Definition of Field:

open land that can be cultivated

Synonyms of Field:

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Sentence/Example of Field:

Options that are shown in yellow text will indicate which fields can be customized — like specifying which smart light you want to turn off or on, for instance.

If you need to take work to and from the office, or out in the field to clients, this is a great option to keep files clean, organized, and safe.

It was amazing to hear directly from the top leaders in the field.

One ripple in a field would be an electron, another a photon, and interactions between them seemed to explain all electromagnetic events.

The scientists initially noticed that this species, called Regimbartia attenuata, had a habit of hanging out rather nonchalantly with frogs on paddy fields in Japan.

Then only the genuine, high-yield clones will make their way into the field.

That extra silicon real estate, however, will likely translate into better low-light performance and more pronounced depth-of-field effects.

In the longer term, it could use the app to move into fields like tax or investment advice.

Many positions TPA had planned for in field work were going to be completely cut, but TPA managed to reimagine these roles and working with our marketing partners, transitioned some to a virtual and online activist model.

Fresh water will also be in short supply, not only in the West but also in places like Florida, Georgia and Alabama, where droughts now regularly wither cotton fields.