Meadow [noun]

Definition of Meadow:

grassy field

Synonyms of Meadow:

Opposite/Antonyms of Meadow:


Sentence/Example of Meadow:

But in the meadow all around the sacred place was a city of winged tents.

Glaucon pointed to a little wooden shed lying in the meadow.

Imagine a meadow at the mouth of this stream, and on the meadow a single white dot.

In the evening they encamped in a meadow, surrounded with wood.

Presently she set off across the meadow, directly towards him.

One evening she met him in the lane, as she returned from the meadow.

Before her is a meadow of rich herbage, covered with daisies.

"I could go on all fours in a meadow," observed the concierge with her mouth full.

Had she wandered among the trees, or had she gone round the meadow side?

But suddenly, at a point where it fringed a meadow, it seemed to fall away.