Range [noun]

Definition of Range:

sphere, distance, extent

Synonyms of Range:

Opposite/Antonyms of Range:

Sentence/Example of Range:

They saw something now that was at least two feet below their range.

The marsh appears to follow along the south side of the range.

We turned east for ten miles to a range, which we found to be covered with spinifex.

We sighted the range and hill seen by my brother, and reached it at sundown.

Before we reached the range we had most miserable spinifex sand-hills.

Things must come within the range of thought or go out of existence.

We tried to get the range of this point with the Lee-Metford rifles.

Of course this could be prevented by moving the camp out of range of this hill.

The only difference between the two is the range at which this certainty exists.

It was exactly the range at which he had done the most of his practice--two hundred yards!