Domain [noun]

Definition of Domain:

area of expertise, rule

Synonyms of Domain:

Opposite/Antonyms of Domain:

Sentence/Example of Domain:

But, he said, the company was looking to apply that expertise to a new domain.

Selectively reach out to domains with effective, modern content that audiences will find useful.

As you build this up, your domain authority significantly improves, arming you with the experience and money to go big and eventually share the field with your big competitors.

Some tools like Awario even offer a whitelist feature which is used to prioritize certain domains — this could come in handy if you want to make sure you’re getting mentions from specific websites popular in your industry.

Instead, your domain should clearly target your country of choice and show users around the world that your website is catered specifically to them.

Some of the latest systems can also perform more than one task in a given domain.

The email had a promo code offering 30% off on anything new for a limited time to tempt me into purchasing a domain immediately.

Anyone can buy these domains once they expire or sometimes they are bought via an online auction.

With this free index checker, you can determine whether a specific page or an entire domain is indexed.

All this helps to raise the domain authority as this helps increase your local search rankings.