Occupation [noun]

Definition of Occupation:

profession, business

Synonyms of Occupation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Occupation:

Sentence/Example of Occupation:

Throughout the war period, service members had to leave their occupations and families, travel to one of 32 training camps scattered across the country and face the prospect of deploying overseas, perhaps never to return.

Those numbers come from a new report out of California that shines a light on the shocking risk to covid-19 by occupation.

He subsequently joined the British civil service — later joking that he “thought it would be a nice quiet occupation” — and served in India and Malaysia before he was posted in Canada.

Some states’ vaccine distribution plans are based entirely on age, occupation and other factors such as race or residential setting.

The resulting occupation of the Capitol was horrifying enough, but if MAGA paramilitaries had reached Congress before it was safely evacuated the day could easily have turned out incalculably worse.

Just as an air-traffic controller will naturally get what a colleague is dealing with, so might someone who shares your occupation or is experiencing the same stressors you do.

Live-in domestic service was hard work, and it paid poorly, but at the time, it was one of the very few occupations open to women.

Decades of research has shown that people who use their personal contacts spend less time searching for jobs and end up in higher paying, more prestigious occupations.

The study also only included adults who spent at least three hours out of the home daily and had occupations that did not require them to wear masks.

Plan on staying engaged in some occupation as long as possible.