Vocation [noun]

Definition of Vocation:

life's work

Synonyms of Vocation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vocation:

Sentence/Example of Vocation:

But he has lit upon his vocation at last—he is a born pudding-maker.

My present vocation pays well; in fact, I am beginning to lay by.

He is fitted for his vocation; he has watched all night by his armor.

Unless you consider it your vocation to be a wealthy American.

She opened her school with thirty scholars and found out her vocation.

That is to say, writing was his vocation and his recreation as well.

Is it necessary that he should be a dolt in order to be fitted for his vocation?

As such, it is their vocation to find out what the public want, and to supply it to them.

What efforts are being made today to raise the moral code in this vocation?

What would you say to my taking the veil, for I fancy I 've some vocation that way?