Office [noun]

Definition of Office:

business, responsibility

Synonyms of Office:

Opposite/Antonyms of Office:

Sentence/Example of Office:

He took me right into his office, and I told him what you said, and he'll be ready for you at two o'clock.

This business attended to, Robert bent his steps to Mr. Paine's office.

"You will find my father in his office," she said, looking a little disappointed.

Going to his office, he was fortunate enough to find him in, and unengaged.

After a year of that, he'll be taken into the office and his hours will be cut down to eight.

They reached the office of Fouts, in the, latter street, just as the Exchange had closed.

He left the office, not a little elated at his favorable reception.

In front of Judge Gould's office the combat was at its height.

Robert left the office, with a bold bearing, but a heart full of trouble.

Chief Justice John Marshall administered the oath of office.