Distrust [noun]

Definition of Distrust:

lack of faith in something

Synonyms of Distrust:

Opposite/Antonyms of Distrust:

Sentence/Example of Distrust:

That has never been more important than it is right now, during one of the most uncertain periods in modern history, and a moment when distrust and misinformation are rampant.

The first was distrust in the Republican establishment itself.

Vaccine distrust is often rooted in history for many communities of color.

Nationalism is on the rise, as well as distrust of globalism and alliances.

An untrustworthy system has created many who are understandably vaccine hesitant, while online disinformation campaigns are fueled by conspiracies and distrust.

The men and women who had come to storm the Capitol had spent five years being told by their leader that they were very special — that their distrust and anger were very special.

Alsobrooks said the county is grappling with the highest infection rate in the state and region, long-standing inequities in care and a history of distrust of the medical establishment.

Conditioning their reengagement into society based on whether or not they take a vaccine when they already have such high levels of public distrust is deeply problematic.

The number of GOP voters expressing similar distrust of the process before the election was 35%.

Currently, about 27% of Americans are hesitant to take the vaccine, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey, with more than half of those citing distrust of government as a factor.