Qualm [noun]

Definition of Qualm:

nagging doubt

Opposite/Antonyms of Qualm:

Sentence/Example of Qualm:

He had put her aside without a qualm; and now he met her announcement with approval.

I feel no qualm in saying that his exit was more hasty than his approach.

Yet I had no qualm of fear, no doubt, even, touching the issue.

Then I shall be able, without a qualm, to send Godfrey to the workhouse.

Ma Tamby did not know what it is to have a qualm—which she could not have spelled if she had known.

He felt that he could kill Bruce Browning without a qualm of conscience.

And the salve to the qualm was always the same remembrance that the deed had not been done yet.

But the deed was not yet done, and the qualm was kept under, and he slept.

These go about their work without one spark of pity, one qualm of ruth.

Every gust of wind that rumbled in the chimney sent a qualm to his heart.