Nervousness [noun]

Definition of Nervousness:

anxious state

Opposite/Antonyms of Nervousness:

Sentence/Example of Nervousness:

It is nothing but nervousness and fright at that horrible firing.

Suddenly she tore it open, her hands unsteady with nervousness.

A cold rage of nervousness beset her, so overpowering that she herself was amazed at it.

She misunderstood: he laughed, but his nervousness was genuine.

Lately, he had half confessed to her what a nervousness she had produced.

Doubtless the very controlling of the nervousness helped it.

He was very delicate and afflicted with nervousness that amounted to insanity at times.

In a Parisian green-room a new performer was complaining of nervousness.

Maybe, now that the time had come for the meeting, some feeling of nervousness was growing.

This is often a result of onanism, nervousness or constipation.