Flap [noun]

Definition of Flap:

winged or extended part of an object

Synonyms of Flap:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flap:

Sentence/Example of Flap:

You can wear them as mittens when it’s excruciatingly cold, and if you need to use your fingers, one tuck of a flap or pull of a zipper can turn them into fingerless gloves.

That’s right, we’re talking ear flaps also known as trapper hats.

“It sounds like a sharp thunderclap,” said Darden, who published more than 50 papers on high-lift wing design in supersonic flow, flap design and sonic boom prediction and minimization.

Beanies and hats with ear flaps always ride up, especially under my helmet.

We can see in the videos released by SpaceX that the flaps are under good control.

A male can use his skinny thumbs to tug the fur flap up over his chin and mouth.

He shifted across to the mouth of the tent and raised the flap, fastening it against the pole so that he could see out.

"That's the wind rising," whispered the clergyman, and pulled the flap open as far as it would go.

And as I watched the canvas shake and heard it boom and flap I heartily welcomed it.

The flap was wide open and any ordinary animal would have been out and away without the least trouble.