Ply [verb]

Definition of Ply:

use, work at

Synonyms of Ply:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ply:

Sentence/Example of Ply:

Cunningly did he ply his sword before them, but ineffectually.

Now is the moment to urge on the hounds and ply the javelins.

Use only the cutlass when you gain the parapet and ply like men.

I would that I could sit and rest, and not have to ply this heavy mallet.

The first thing to do would be to ply the scissors to the red curls.

Lots of whalers has been chased for darin' to ply their trade in these same waters.

She turned from the baby to ply Lavis with rapid questions in Polish.

"I should like one o' them to ply with," said the elder covetously.

Then he picked up a rawhide, and began to ply it freely over my shoulders.

It was necessary for each one to ply the paddle with the utmost energy.