Exert [verb]

Definition of Exert:

make use of

Synonyms of Exert:

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Sentence/Example of Exert:

Since Ikhrata came on board, Mayor Kevin Faulconer – or other city representatives attending on his behalf – have liberally wielded the weighted vote to exert their influence at the regional government, and overwhelmingly to Ikhrata’s benefit.

A laser exerted forces on each bead, producing an energy landscape, or potential.

It just becomes weaker with distance from the object exerting the gravitational force.

The new experiment reveals that the snakes also exert a complex combination of movements as they soar.

Without the gravitational force exerted by this dark matter, stars in typical dwarf galaxies would escape their galactic homes, and galaxies in galaxy clusters would escape their abodes as well.

Liszt himself doesn't play the chords as well as Gurickx;—perhaps because he does not care now to exert the strength.

His work is destined to exert considerable influence upon the art.

Margaret tried to talk of other things, but was in too much discomfort to exert herself enough to divert his attention.

Probably, however, there was no single individual in the commonwealth who could exert as much influence as he.

"Perhaps your ladyship can persuade Lady Hartledon to exert herself," suggested the bland doctor.