Plug [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Plug:

Where two anvils were to be had, the cannonade was much brisker, as then a plug was not needed.

The ordinary "plug hat" was known to these people, but not an opera hat.

And I remember what a plug we thought my room-mate was because he wouldn't come with us.

His other feats were the introduction of the pipe into England and the plug into Ireland.

I managed to plug three of them and I guess they thought I was a dozen men.

Pass me that plug on the top of the clock, won't you, Hannah?'

For reasons onknown, but s'fficient, thar's Texas manooverin' to plug him.

Perhaps it was just for this he'd let Jason plug along on a cold trail all these years.

“Take this plug and give him a rub down, Chintz,” said Iredale.

He sounded and began to plug away and bang the leader with his tail.