Cork [noun]

Definition of Cork:

type of plug

Synonyms of Cork:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cork:

Sentence/Example of Cork:

And the deep grave weltering below you, and only a ring of cork and oilskin to keep you out of that cold home.

But no sooner was she full than the discharging tubes freed her, and she rose again and again, buoyant as a cork.

Perrott went to Cork, where the sessions were well attended and where he executed sixty more persons.

He married the eldest daughter of the Earl of Cork, by whom he had a son and a daughter.

Cork and Cloyne were united in the fifteenth century, and Dominic Tirrey was appointed in 1536.

Then the whole party slowly disappeared in the distance, under the groves of cork-trees or up the mountain paths.

The ham, which was almost as light as cork, was riddled with worm-holes, and as hard as a petrified sponge.

He understood perfectly how to loose the strings of a basket, or to take the cork from a bottle.

They were often white, or gilded, or of bright colors, and those intended for winter wear had sometimes cork soles.

It is so heavy that an ordinary cork would soon be forced out by it, therefore an iron stopper must be screwed in.