Oak [noun]

Definition of Oak:

stage, building for performance

Synonyms of Oak:

Opposite/Antonyms of Oak:


Sentence/Example of Oak:

I know the beech and the maple, and some kinds of oak, but there my wood lore ends.

Hetty struggled once more to free herself, but the arms were like arms of oak.

It is built of oak framework, filled in with “wattle and daub.”

I have a notion that it's the Marquis and that he'll be in the Oak Parlour.

With gun in hand he crept up to the nearest window of the Oak Parlour.

Having satisfied himself, he went directly to the Oak Parlour.

But Dan was in no mood to appreciate the old-world beauty of the Oak Parlour.

It has something to do with the old cabinet in the Oak Parlour.

And while they are away, I'll investigate the Oak Parlour myself.

I found this paper in a secret cubby-hole in the old cabinet in the Oak Parlour.