Barn [noun]

Definition of Barn:

animal shelter

Synonyms of Barn:

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Sentence/Example of Barn:

So it was me, the taxi driver, and a man with a broken arm moving all these priceless cars out of the barn.

A great option for a rustic, farmhouse transitional style media stand, this unit comes in several colorways and includes sliding barn style doors, two side doors with metal mesh, and a distressed pine finish.

Right now, the barn is relatively simple and open with an astroturf floor, but as the season progresses, Roginson plans to add propane heaters and three vinyl walls on the north, south, and west sides of the structure to insulate from the cold.

Several of these measures are sound ideas, but unfortunately, two of its latest efforts once again amount to waiting until the horse has made it halfway around the world before you shut the barn door.

The store, the barn, and the other structures were consumed by the fire Monday night.

In many bird species, the eldest siblings would simply outcompete the rest, but not barn owls.

He went blindly down the street, turned at the corner and sought a quiet place, a livery barn.

Then, kindly and gently, the boy took Squinty over to the place where the corn crib was built on to the barn.

She knew there would be plenty of rope in the Norwood barn or the garage for their need in erecting the aerials.

If we go against 'em now, it'll be all same goin' blindfolded into a barn t' pick out the best hoss.