Stopper [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Stopper:

Hurriedly I shot out the remainder of the stopper of straw, and crept from the hole.

"Yes, but don't let's have a stopper over all, Tom," replied his father.

He took the stopper out of the decanter and deliberately raised it to his nostrils.

She pulled aside the "stopper" of newspaper and thrust in the stick.

Afterwards use emery and water, and grind the stopper into the bottle.

(1 )Turn the stopper through at least one revolution in each direction.

It was a brass lamp with a hole and a stopper in the side of the bowl.

It was just like it is when you pull the stopper out of the bathtub.

"No, I thank you," answered Howe, putting the stopper back into the bottle.

The Churchwarden calmly put the stopper in his bottle and restored it to his pocket.