Lid [noun]

Definition of Lid:

top covering

Synonyms of Lid:






Opposite/Antonyms of Lid:


Sentence/Example of Lid:

Bars and restaurants need to invest in new cups, lids, branding, training, and marketing.

Its metal lid and body are professional-looking yet still come at an affordable, mid-range value.

Opening the lid repeatedly to grab a cold one will vastly reduce how long it stays frigid in there.

The lid not only seals well to the top of a container, it also snaps onto the bottom of a smaller container in the set—a joy for any organizational obsessive.

Society could keep a lid on such a re-emergence by keeping up their social distancing.

Taking off the lid she emptied its contents in a heap—silver and copper with one or two gold pieces intermixed—on the table.

She glanced uneasily at Gwynne and fancied she could hear him slam the lid of his breeding upon a supercilious sputter.

Gwynne pressed the little gilt nob, and as the lid flew up Isabel cried out, with delight.

Thats music for you, chuckled the old man, raising the lid to see if the water had boiled sufficiently.

Marie lifted the lid from the stove, and a warm red glow of reflected light filled the little kitchen.