Top [adjective]

Definition of Top:

best, most important; highest

Synonyms of Top:

Opposite/Antonyms of Top:

Sentence/Example of Top:

In the midst of the barrier stood an altar, on the top of which was a brazen eagle.

At the top was crimson, at the right hand blue, and at the left hand yellow.

At the top she breathed a moment and then knocked at a door before her.

But the man had been only stunned by a bullet that plowed its way across the top of his skull.

And Jeff Rankin rose without a word and lumbered to the top of the hill.

As a rule he waited on the top of the hill in the clump of pines.

When the cakes are baked, they usually reach the top of the pans.

But mark these houses, Alleyne, how they thrust forth upon the top.

He turned and ran to the camp, shouting an alarm at the top of his voice.

There may be a second layer of bread on top of the meat if desired.