Elite [adjective]

Definition of Elite:

best, first-class

Synonyms of Elite:

Opposite/Antonyms of Elite:

Sentence/Example of Elite:

The program’s detractors argue that the initiative is little more than a handout to wealthy elites.

An annual rite of recent autumns has been to wonder whether Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers truly belongs among the game’s elite signal-callers anymore.

Researchers have suggested that these structures were places for ritual ceremonies, houses of social elites or protection from attackers.

We want to make elite personalized coaching accessible to all.

Sure, there are those moments in elite sports when the ball bounces off the post and off a defender’s foot into the goal, but still, luck is not supernatural.

Many on the left dislike it because it encourages “elite” CEOs to arrogate the role of government.

Nicole Galloway talks about the political elites, the ones who profit at the expense of Missouri families, as “millions of your taxpayer dollars are given away, wasted or stolen each year.”

It’s one of the elite neighborhoods in the city with lots of large elegant homes.

Science denial is an expression of identity – usually in the face of perceived threats to the social and economic status quo – and it typically manifests in response to elite messaging.

Despite some criticism of the strike as an elite initiative accessible only to those who can afford to stay home from work, pictures circulated online of half-empty classrooms, subways and streets across the nation.