Worst [adjective]

Definition of Worst:

most wanting

Synonyms of Worst:

Opposite/Antonyms of Worst:


Sentence/Example of Worst:

"And that isn't the worst of it," the relentless daughter broke in.

Not a hand was raised—for his worst enemies could not deny that he was temperate and frugal.

The best doctrines become the worst, when they are used for evil purposes.

If the worst came, he could go West with the family and learn how to do something.

When everything looked at its worst, then all seemed to change for our benefit.

The worst evil of disregard for some law is that it destroys respect for all law.

Will you tell me, my dear, what you have thought of Lovelace's best and of his worst?

They are not necessary; they might be avoided; at their worst they could be tempered.

When he've got a drop in his nob, it's always for singin' he is—an' that's the worst of him.

The worst I do is to look at them the wrong way of the telescope.