Best [adjective]

Definition of Best:

most excellent

Opposite/Antonyms of Best:

Sentence/Example of Best:

We resolved to do our best to merit the good opinion which we thus supposed them to entertain of us.

He is perplexed and hindered by the lack of soldiers, but is doing his best with his small forces.

If Mac had been alone he would have made the post by sundown, for the Mounted Police rode picked horses, the best money could buy.

Her best-known works are portrait busts, which are numerous.

But the Mexicans were not the people to give up their best province so easily.

It succeeds best in a deep rich loam in a climate ranging from forty to fifty degrees of latitude.

Ten thousand of the best troops in Mexico entered Texas and were shortly to be followed by ten thousand more.

And remember it is by our hypothesis the best possible form and arrangement of that lesson.

At first startled, her second thought was that this would be the best possible thing which could happen.

Yet, Monsieur Arden, I have discovered some of the best treasures the house contained, and they are at present in this room.