Minor [adjective]

Definition of Minor:

insignificant, small

Synonyms of Minor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Minor:

Sentence/Example of Minor:

In the matter of minor industries, sericulture holds a first rank.

The same holds good as to minor front or rear displacements.

This man had an infected leg that required some minor surgery.

The man of purpose says no to all lesser calls, all minor opportunities.

He and his friends were approaching Macri, on the coast of Asia Minor.

The great conflicts of the West, and the minor battles had accounted for the others.

It matters not how many of the minor arts the youth acquires.

The minor virtues are not to be despised, even in comparison with the most exalted.

An hour ago a rainstorm would have been a minor catastrophe.

"I dare say Ruggles and I can be depended upon to decide a minor matter like that," he said.