Useful [adjective]

Definition of Useful:

beneficial, valuable

Opposite/Antonyms of Useful:

Sentence/Example of Useful:

The Nile was directly responsible for this useful development.

Otherwise, he would not have cared to go on destroying life for no useful end.

I feel my independence, and I have been told that I am useful to my fellow-creatures.

I strive to be useful to my fellow-creatures, and am happy if I succeed.

The Word of God might be useful in its way, but only as studied with unfettered thought.

Don't talk to me about her going to the hospital to be useful.

Zegarra gives a useful vocabulary at the end of all the words which occur in the drama.

He did not wish to have her go, for she was useful and obedient.

I have acquired the useful practice of being able to drink both on and off duty.

We could manage, I think, and the money I'd earn would be useful.