Applied [adjective]

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After the battle of the Pyramids he fell sick, and before the Syrian expedition, applied to return to France.

But if you restrict it, to the sense in which it is commonly applied to the angelic sex, I am not prepared to answer.

It is usually applied only where there is a natural suggestiveness between each pair of words.

The word mistranslated “greater,” πλεῖον, is neuter and cannot be applied to a man.

It began with certain postulates, or assumptions, to a great extent unconscious, of the conditions to which it applied.

Having achieved this feat he sighed again, and applied himself assiduously to the pie.

This method can be applied in several different ways according to the idiosyncrasies of different students.

The staining fluid is applied for five to fifteen minutes, and the preparation is rinsed quickly in water, dried, and mounted.

Inclusion, as applied to the events of life possesses the same variety as in regard to words.

Mr Bellamy, although away, made free with the capital of the bank, and applied it to his own private uses.