Handy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Handy:

She was so handy with a needle, and allus ready to cut out calico dingusses that the peon gals could sew up.

Half frantic, I dashed forward, snatching as I did so a rapier from the wall, the only weapon handy.

Anything thats handy, miss; dont put yourself out of the way on our accounts.

He had got so that he felt a little lonely when he didn't have Louis the Goon right handy.

As a preliminary to his courting trip, Bill took a drink from a bottle that he kept handy in his corner.

I doan 'member much playin' an' such like, but I de 'members dat I wuz de handy boy 'round de house.

Admirably printed on good paper, the volumes are handy in shape, and indeed the edition is all that could be desired.

I take my own case as most handy, but it is as illustrative of my quarrel with the age.

He went at his job with a handy adroitness which was almost scientific, it was so much like surgery, like dissection.

Possibly a lateen-rigged, sharper-bowed boat would even now be found to be a very fast and handy type for our rivers.