Near [adjective]

Definition of Near:

close by physically

Opposite/Antonyms of Near:

Sentence/Example of Near:

He shuddered as he thought how near he had been to never meeting them again on earth.

And then by a street sign she saw that she was near the home of Philippe.

"I knew he'd plunge," he said, taking the chair proffered him, near Shepler's desk.

It would be pleasanter inland, but we must be near the shore, so as to be in sight of ships.

"They are as near alike as if they were brothers," he said to himself.

When he had come too near he had been driven away by the heat.

They had seen four natives, but did not get near enough to talk to them.

Their suffering was great but they never lost courage and help was near.

Winter was near and he had no money to buy cloaks for his children.

Think of living so near a beaver or a water-rat with clothes on!