Available [adjective]

Definition of Available:

ready for use

Opposite/Antonyms of Available:

Sentence/Example of Available:

Altogether, it seems that not more than one-third of our fast diminishing total are available for actual fighting purposes.

All possibility of a general increase of wages depended on the relation of available capital to the numbers of the working men.

Go carefully over the film with an oil-immersion lens, using a mechanical stage if available.

And there may be other works whose abstracts are available to the ambitious student.

Sixteen locomotives; sixteen engineers, and sixteen firemen would be needed—each and every one the best available.

This would reduce the available time for direct manual labour at his disposal.

It has no connection as yet with the question of the total available means of subsistence.

The crown—if crown there had been—was also gone; and the ancient royal robes—if such there had been—were no longer available.

The first of these will leave about the end of this week, and the other two will be sent as transport is available.

Whatever argument can be employed to establish the propriety of engaging vocally in any religious service is here available.