Attainable [adjective]

Definition of Attainable:

within reach; achievable

Synonyms of Attainable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attainable:

Sentence/Example of Attainable:

There is room for much speculation in this field, but no certainty appears to be attainable.

But perhaps you are a chemist, and proud, as most chemists are, of the accuracy attainable in that most demonstrative science.

All believers may not enjoy this blessing; few may attain to it in any comforting or satisfactory measure; yet it is attainable.

They did not believe that absolute truth was attainable by man; and they attacked the prevailing systems with great plausibility.

The feelings of all the Caffre tribes were utterly hostile, and peace was only attainable by the exercise of indisputable force.

Is the progress that seems attainable in certain directions worth the retrogression that may be its price?

The simple effects attainable in an easel-picture did not satisfy him.

These results, however, are also attainable by flashes of genius, and not only by mere science.

He is our righteousness, and apart from Him none is possibly attainable.

The degree of attainable happiness is limited by the degree of "goodness" that is in us.