Practicable [adjective]

Definition of Practicable:

within the realm of possibility

Synonyms of Practicable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Practicable:

Sentence/Example of Practicable:

The mountain ranges at their backs possessed three practicable routes.

Tent-life in these mountain-sides is quite safe and practicable.

In this case artificial fecundation by the syringe is practicable.

Next morning Watt began to put his scheme to the test and found it practicable.

I'll come with you, if you'll find a practicable train; I'm going to Crawleigh.

"It's not enough that an idea is practicable," I pointed out.

To effect this, I see no way so practicable as dissolving the confederacy.

This was a practicable suggestion, and it was at once put into execution.

It is not practicable to publish the list of the women in full.

About a mile from this; but the road is not practicable for a horseman.