Functional [adjective]

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It enabled customers to tap into these base services like encryption, workflow and metadata and build their own customizations or even fully functional applications by taking advantage of the tools that Box has already built.

Instead, the researchers think elite controllers’ immune systems eliminated cells producing functional virus, leaving behind only broken copies of the virus and intact versions locked in heterochromatin.

The collaboration with Dixon produced modular, multi-functional Delaktig sofa that was a shout-out to the burgeoning community of IKEA hackers who find ever more ingenious ways of reconfiguring standard IKEA products into completely novel pieces.

Fabrika Hostel used to be a Soviet era sewing factory, which the group converted into a design-centric multi-functional space with one of the biggest hostels in the region.

Maps that draw out functional connections between those cells.

I think there is a sense in which — if I think that there’s a single political dividend — this certainly reminds us that having a really functional public sector is really valuable.

It is low in chronic interstitial nephritis, diabetes insipidus, and many functional nervous disorders.

An estimation of the solids, therefore, furnishes an important clue to the functional efficiency of the kidneys.

It is an important point in diagnosis between functional and organic conditions.

P3 in specimens of old adult Eutamias, shows wear, thus suggesting that P3 is functional in older chipmunks.