Streamlined [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Streamlined:

The flat, streamlined bulk of a flying machine, shiny and new.

That's just streamlined muscle you're looking at, sweetheart!

They had to be streamlined to pierce the thick, resisting part of the atmosphere.

Headings of balance sheets have been streamlined for online viewing.

The compact assembly, streamlined for this purpose, was all ready for the morrow.

They were long and streamlined or short and round, or they were curved like gondolas or squat like saucers.

Their hulls, motor gondolas, in fact, all braces and wires were streamlined so as to offer the least air resistance.

They speeded and streamlined the twice-daily milkings, efficiently strained and separated the milk while warm.

Modern in some respects, Al had by no means accepted the streamlined age as an unmixed blessing.

A streamlined bus flashed silver and dwindled to a spot in the distance.