Practice [noun]

Definition of Practice:

routine, usual procedure

Synonyms of Practice:

Opposite/Antonyms of Practice:

Sentence/Example of Practice:

I ought to be supple enough after the practice of these three days.

You are recommended, Miss, to the practice of your private devotions.

The designs of that power, dark in purpose, are clear in practice.

However good they may be, we are not ready to put them into practice.

The method of working with it was simple in idea, however difficult in practice.

It need hardly be said that in any case it was not Handel's practice to compose his works on an organ.

I'm just spoiling for something to practice on, anyway—and he's such a beauty.

The horse don't belong to ME, so I'm willing you should practice on him a while.

And yet this practice is just as necessary as the initial lessons on level ground.

It was exactly the range at which he had done the most of his practice--two hundred yards!