Usage [noun]

Definition of Usage:

habit, custom

Synonyms of Usage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Usage:

Sentence/Example of Usage:

This usage, cousin Clary, was not till all other means were tried with you.

That is a name for our habitation, which has since grown up into usage.

Language has many varieties of usage: grammar tries to reduce them to a single one.

In conformity with Oriental usage, the congregation was divided according to the sexes.

What was the origin and significance of the usage to which allusion is here made?

The usage was noted even as early as the eighteenth century.

It arises from prescription (Greek: θεματισμὡ), from usage, or from nature.

This is said to be a usage handed down from the Middle Ages.

The wise man has only custom and usage to guide him in his acts.

The baron meeting Foote complained of this usage, and asked what he should do?