Habitude [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Habitude:

The abstentions indicate a curious and interesting habitude ingrained in the English Press.

Eh bien, c'est une habitude sale, dont vous devriez avoir honte!

The material they had to work upon was already democratical by instinct and habitude.

There was at work some great solvent making into naught the dross of custom and habitude.

"It's never so hot on the water, Mrs. Merritt," said Mrs. Alger, with the instructiveness of an old habitude.

What had formerly been habitude and trifling, was now grown seriousness and inclination.

Slightly exotic vocabulary—“habitude” “repartition,” for “habit,” “distribution”—makes its appearance.

I believe the former, and consider it the result of an acquired psychical habitude.

It needs no peculiar or unusual habitude in order to respire what is termed night air.

Political insouciance was his prevailing habitude of mind; an invincible tendency to "laissez aller" the basis of his character.