Addiction [noun]

Definition of Addiction:

a habit of activity, often injurious

Synonyms of Addiction:

Opposite/Antonyms of Addiction:

Sentence/Example of Addiction:

Don’t worry, though—with basic research skills and a solid strategy in mind, you’ll be able to sift through the noise and turn your new addiction into a more healthy habit.

Still, Morris has gotten some attention by pitching himself as “the great American comeback story” — beating an opioid addiction to turn his life around.

If you have an addiction problem, you shouldn’t put someone in a situation where they might be tempted.

They’re areas that light up in response to images of food when a person is hungry, or to drug-related images in people with addiction.

Experts say addiction has led men to spend money on khat that could have been used for their children’s education or to upgrade the quality of their family’s life.

This leaves deeper brain circuits and their functions, including memory, addiction, emotion, and many types of mental illnesses off the table.

We’re seeing an addiction and opioid epidemic in this country already.

His talent was undeniable, as evidenced in what would have been his sophomore album, and his struggles with depression and anxiety are reflected in the frequently intertwined themes of death and drug addiction in his songs.

Camille Drachman, a therapist and trauma expert, works at Sierra Tucson, an addiction treatment center in Arizona.

Kannon, aged 59, renowned for starring as Princess Talara in the blockbuster film “Nova Quest,” is bi-polar and struggles with alcohol abuse and drug addiction.