Enslavement [noun]

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In general, the status of a mother dictated her children’s status as free or enslaved.

Georgetown apologized, instituted an admissions boost to benefit descendants of the enslaved, and announced last year that the school would fund community initiatives that would benefit descendants.

Here it is a century later, being served in West London to the descendents of those enslaved and indentured people of the West Indies.

There are hopes for archaeological research to uncover more about the enslaved peoples’ dwellings.

The Jesuits were among the biggest planters in Maryland, Rothman has written, and historians have long known that the work of those they enslaved helped maintain and preserve institutions such as what was then Georgetown College.

Yet we read of no great destruction or enslavement or migration of the Chanes resulting from the Nahua victory.

But the Church helped the further enslavement of the workers.

I execrate the enslavement of the mind of our young children by the ecclesiastics.

Think of the irony and tragedy of this self-enslavement of the human mind!

We are considering the subject of the enslavement of the African race in this Republic.