Subjection [noun]

Definition of Subjection:

answerability, responsibility

Synonyms of Subjection:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subjection:

Sentence/Example of Subjection:

(b) A subjection of her self, her appetites and will to her husband and his will.

His sovereign himself he held in subjection, while he exalted the throne.

These people are neighbours of the Assyrians, and being few in number, they were held in subjection.

"Then I shall do as your uncle wishes me to do—reduce you to subjection," said he.

Your uncle wished me to reduce you to subjection, and to flog you till you came to your senses.

"I intend to reduce you to subjection at any hazard," he added.

Then you did request Mr. Parasyte to reduce me to subjection, as he expressed it?

What did Parasyte mean when he said your uncle wished him to flog you into subjection?

Mr. Parasyte intended to deprive us of our food, and starve us into subjection.

Tommaseo showed in 1848 what he thought of such a subjection.