Culpability [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Culpability:

So it doesn’t affect me in terms of how I feel about the president’s culpability.

It is safe to assume, in other words, that Fox News bears more culpability for the collapse of order on Wednesday than does antifa.

No matter how noble the intention, the danger is this distances companies from culpability, suggests Middlemiss.

He evidently felt that he ought to defend his own sagacity and absolve himself from mariner's culpability.

Nor had he the innate sense that his misfortunes had been incurred without the culpability of, at least, neglect on his own part.

Upon admitting Lionel again to his presence, he spoke forcibly, though with brevity, upon the culpability of his conduct.

He instantly relieved Mrs. Clephane of culpability; Mrs. Winton did not count with him.

Kemble translates bana "slaughterer," which implies brutality, and perhaps culpability.

The degree of their culpability is to be determined by the fundamental cause of their ineptitude in matters spiritual.

Perhaps he would have been even more emphatic if he had known the extent of his enemy's culpability.