Harass [verb]

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That investigation, which is being led by attorney Beth Wilkinson, was launched in July after The Post reported that 15 former female employees described being sexually harassed by male executives.

More than half of the workers who identified their perpetrator said they were harassed by someone to whom they reported at work, according to the analysis.

“Even the 14-year-old son of one of Smartmatic’s executives received a harassing phone call,” the lawsuit states.

Another worker, the one who felt harassed by Amazon’s anti-union messaging in the bathroom, worries about safety.

Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham, who are Republicans, have all been harassed at airports in recent days.

Public figures are threatened and harassed, their homes vandalized.

I asked him to not call my work and he called 4 times back to back to back harassing me and my co-workers.

The Proud Boys, he says, have been known to stay in a nearby hotel and have harassed them in the past.

Pittsburgh also led the league in quarterback pressure rate, harassing the passer on nearly a third of their drop-backs.

For example, in the months from March to August, LinkedIn said it removed more than 20,000 pieces of content for being hateful, harassing, inflammatory, or extremely violent.