Hound [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hound:

Thank you, Glitch, our lanky old hound from New Orleans, for knowing the right moment to put your head on my angsting husband’s knee.

I’m crazy about my hound dog, and we’ve suddenly been given this singular time to go through every moment of his old age together.

My partner and I first began searching for unpopular trails a few years ago in Connecticut when we got a high-energy rescue hound who needed a lot of off-leash exercise.

Even if you’re more powder hound than ski racer, a little expert help can identify bad habits and make you a safer, more solid skier.

Now critics have lit their torches and unleashed the hounds.

He frowned, and bent his head, and his long hair fell over his face, while the poor Stuttgardter sat there like a beaten hound.

Death comes in, the bread at the feast turns black, the hound falls down—and so on.

As they entered, a liver-coloured hound that lay stretched before the fire growled lazily, and showed the whites of his eyes.

Presently he heard the deep baying of the hound, and soon the enemy appeared, under a bright moon.

I called to him loudly, in the vain hope he might look back, as though at a time like this a hound would turn from the trail.