Afghan [noun]

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The Afghan peace activist was the truly deserving candidate for the peace prize in 2009, rather than a rookie President Barack Obama.

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Yet she rose to become one of the most consequential Afghan activists of the century.

The Afghan was true to his salt, and their own retainers, who had come with them from Lucknow, remained steadfast at this crisis.

She was, to be candid, knitting an afghan against an interesting event which involved a friend of hers.

Her last waking determination was to finish the afghan quickly and to knit for the men at the war.

Nothing pleases her so much as bright colors, so I want you to make her a gay afghan.

Mrs. Howard's eyes followed lovingly her two pretty nieces as they danced away to join the group around the afghan.

All the country now known as Ghor was mapped during the progress of the Russo-Afghan boundary delimitation.

The speaker drew the afghan more closely over the boy asleep on the hearth.