Energize [verb]

Definition of Energize:

activate; give more life

Synonyms of Energize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Energize:

Sentence/Example of Energize:

We need to meet people where they are and we need to energize people by amplifying their voices.

With days still to go before the US presidential election, early voting has already topped half of all votes cast in the 2016 election, and every indication is that the electorate is energized.

According to Hoskins and Ulbrich, the office will remain a fixture of corporate life, in large part because many employees find a shared workspace to be energizing and a place they perform their best work.

Seeing a familiar name energized my aching legs, propelling me through the final part of the climb.

BI is investing aggressively in quality journalism, particularly for its premium subscription offering, and I am energized to be working with its growing team of reporters and editors.

He needed the stimulation of sex completely to energize his faculties.

How to energize and illumine the mind, so as to protect against mental influences.

Give three minutes morning and night to the exercises below and you will straighten, develop, heal, and energize your body.

An individual or a nation must energize from within outward in order to truly express itself and thus develop in the best sense.

There are now many good chances to create new and energize our existing industries.