Arm [noun]

Definition of Arm:

limb, appendage

Synonyms of Arm:

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Sentence/Example of Arm:

On Tuesday, Team8, a Tel Aviv- and New York-based venture group backed by Microsoft, Walmart, Barclays, and Moodys, announced that Russak-Aminoach will be one of the leaders of its new arm, Team8 Fintech.

With its $40-billion acquisition of ARM from a faltering SoftBank, Nvidia will compete on every important semiconductor application in the technology landscape.

With advances in weaponry, destructive Minié bullets and a lack of surgical experience among doctors, many Civil War soldiers with leg or arm wounds required amputation.

In 2016, Facebook expanded the network to include mobile websites, but shut down the web arm of the service in April this year.

People afflicted with SIRVA can require painful surgeries to recover and may lose use of their arms for months or years.

Despite Facebook’s efforts, experts say many conspiracy pages still remain — a fact proven after the Rittenhouse shooting drew attention to a “Kenosha Militia” page that had previously posted a “call to arms.”

In recent years, Walmart has been beefing up its e-commerce arm and reach new customers.

Eventually, a female may open her arms and mate for a quick three seconds.

Big brand holding companies have created venture arms like Anheuser-Busch’s ZX Ventures, Siemen’s Next47 and Procter & Gamble’s P&G Ventures.

The group called Kenosha Guard created an event on Facebook, which it used to make a call to arms before the protests.