Rod [noun]

Definition of Rod:

bar, pole

Synonyms of Rod:

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Sentence/Example of Rod:

What can you think of it, that such a family as ours, should have such a rod held over it?

Many a rod, I grieve to say, was worn to the stump on that unlucky night.

I'm fit to melt—there is no strength left in me; here, come and take the rod!'

I promise you I will,' said the dowager—'here, take the rod!'

The moral inculcated by it is, "Spare the rod and spoil the child."

I carried the rod below, to dry it, and covered the lower part with ashes.

In those days there was royal sport for rod and gun, but books also had a solid worth.

Portland bid us both be of good heart, and volunteered to take the rod from my hands.

Besides, he feared the rod of the monks, or his daddy, if he remained.

Presently the rod must have tapped the sill, with such a start did she face about.