Switch [noun]

Definition of Switch:

change, exchange

Synonyms of Switch:

Opposite/Antonyms of Switch:

Sentence/Example of Switch:

Caradoc reached for it, followed it with his hand and presently turned a switch.

Then, when he was satisfied that everything was ready, he reversed the switch.

As he pulled out the switch, the aeronaut gave a glance at the apparatus.

Governor Drake sprang to switch it on, and tried to explain to Smithy as he did so.

Then, as abruptly as light goes on when a switch is thrown, the noise vanished.

Sutter was about to switch on the set when the door buzzer sounded.

Each of the Russians closed a switch on the knapsack which he wore.

Then, as if trying to switch of his mood, she changes the subject abruptly.

The locks open automatically and let the car into the ocean when it strikes the switch.

Start — When this switch is operated, the computer will start.