Swap [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Swap:

I guess I can swap off with him; but I don't want to run arter him.

You mean you've decided to take up with Payne's offer and swap your lot for his?

Nothing is more common than for Ministers to 'swap' patronage.

Me and Mrs. Purdy Pell didn't do anything but swap looks for a minute or so.

He thinks he'll just swap one of them overcoats for a concertina.

And the name of the party who's about to swap the 6's for Tractions preferred is a familiar one.

"Never saw a hotel I'd swap it for," replied Percy, promptly.

The men who had come down to "swap" saddles and lies, got up and moved away.

We have nothing to do but lay here and swap yarns with the battery men.

Did you swap him for the beast we took from Wharton's stable?