Pin [verb]

Definition of Pin:

attach, hold in place

Synonyms of Pin:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pin:

Sentence/Example of Pin:

He's too honest entirely to stale the value of a pin, let alone a carpetbag.

After that she must pin it on, and slip in to stand before his mirror and inspect the result.

"'Twould be like hunting for a pin in a haystack," said the Rev. Hilary Jones.

A pin might have been heard falling among us, for this sounded ominous.

He let the pestle fall from his hand and jumped as if he had been stuck with a pin.

The pin had been among the most valuable and cherished of his belongings.

Somehow or 'nother, the story's got round about your findin' that pin yesterday.

But I wouldn't value all one pin's pint, if it was kind and civil she was to me.

Women begged for the regimental badges to pin on their breasts.

Her own ease was her sole consideration; she did not care a pin for anything else.